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New Ventures (Ltd) Launches a new Business Media Platform Geared to the Middle East

New Ventured Ltd. today announced the launch of a revolutionary new business media platform called Araby Pro ( The new platform will produce articles, podcasts, and videos providing advice on personal and career development to established and budding entrepreneurs alike, as well as key insights into the latest business trends driving the Middle Eastern markets. Araby Pro’s website is already fully functioning and is updated daily.

Serving Arab businesses with a daily dose of condensed business news and insights from experienced business leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world, Araby Pro believes in the collective potential of young Arab business people and seeks to help them grow their talent into lasting success. A key feature of the new platform is its emphasis on audience engagement and discussion, which creates fertile breeding ground for thoughtful discussion and networking.

Amr Hamid, founder and CEO of Araby Pro, said,

Araby Pro is a truly unique platform that actively engages our audience with meaningful content on what matters most to them as aspiring entrepreneurs. Our mission is to help talented and aspiring business people unlock their potential and achieve their professional and personal goals, no matter what industry or business they are in.

Araby Pro’s insight and expert analysis from seasoned business leaders is tailored for Arab businesses, and is accessible across a wide range of mediums, including articles, audio podcasts, and videos.